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Transcription Services

Mass Transcription provides accurate transcripts of audio and video from a wide variety of source material that include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Forums
  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Conferences (Large and Small)
  • Professional Lectures
  • Academic Lectures
  • Recorded conversations
  • Author's Projects
  • Speeches
  • Business Meetings
  • Client Presentations
  • Production House Material
  • Press Conferences
  • Mental Health Evaluations and Interviews
  • Social Service Evaluations and Interviews
  • Research Recordings
  • Legal Proceedings or documentation for both local and national (state and federal) organizations.

We have the capability to transcribe from any recorded medium, including:

  • Digital Audio
  • WAV
  • DSS
  • MP3
  • Mini-Cassette
  • Standard Cassette
  • Video Cassette
  • Podcast
  • Telephone Conference

To protect our client's data, privacy and peace of mind, Mass Transcription adheres to strict confidentiality and security requirements. Our transcriptionists and proofreaders have a high level of experience and a proven record of professionalism. Our transcription professionals are also required to sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements.


Recording Services

Mass Transcription offers recording services in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding communities. We produce excellent quality recordings of individual speakers and/or groups that include settings like radio broadcasts, hearings, interviews and board meetings.

Mass Transcription has professional equipment, experienced technicians and individual researchers who collaborate to meet the highest standards and expectations. Non-professional recordings can cost you money in extra transcription time and compromised information. We can provide recording and transcription services individually or in combination.


Secretarial Typing Services

Mass Transcription provides secretarial typing services which meet many needs, including those of authors, universities, students, corporate entities, small business, office overflow, production house material, attorneys and market research companies.


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