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Do you provide services nationally or just in Arizona ?
We offer transcription and secretarial typing services nationally.
We provide recording services in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding communities.

To get a specific quote, simply fill out the online form. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a quote.

What are Mass Transcription's rates?
Our rates are highly competitive and vary according to service. The fees listed below are included to serve as a general guide to our pricing policies.

Transcription Services:

  • General transcription - $3.00 per page
  • Transcription with high technical/highly specialized content - not more than $4.30 per page
  • Transcription with poor audio - not more than $4.30 per page
  • Transcription services with a non-standard turnaround time - Varies. Contact us with your specific needs for rate.
  • Legal Transcription: Please contact with your specific needs for rate.

Recording Services:

  • Recording - $30.00 per hour plus travel time and expenses (for non-local jobs)

Secretarial Services:

  • Secretarial typing services and projects - varies widely per project (see Contact page for a quote within 24 hrs.)

PLEASE keep in mind these rates do not consider individual variables that might include travel time (for recording services), specialized content and turnaround time (transcription and secretarial typing services) and/or rough draft requests (non-proofread material for transcription services).

To get a specific quote, simply fill out the online form. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a quote.

Why does Mass Transcription charge per page on transcription services?
Mass Transcription charges a per page rate on transcription services (as opposed to per hour) because it's a fair and clear-cut way to deal with pricing. You can easily decipher the prices because you'll see the page content and number. The time it takes one transcription professional to finish a job versus another can vary widely, and you shouldn't have the pay for that difference. Our format is freely disclosed and we only charge for the content we're given, not for the hours it takes us.

How does it work?
With Mass Transcription, it's simple. Call, fax, email, or fill out our online form. Include the specifics of your transcription, recording or secretarial typing project, and then just wait. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a competitive rate and easy-to-follow instructions on delivery. If your situation is urgent, please feel free to call us. We will get you started immediately. We have transcription professionals available around the clock to meet your needs 24/7.

How can I transfer my files?
Your files can be transferred to Mass Transcription a number of ways.

Digital audio files can be transferred to us securely via ftp. Upon request, we will create an ftp area for you or your company and email a detailed process for electronically transfering your files. After this, log in with your User ID and Password using Filezilla. It's as easy as that.

Paperwork can be transferred via fax, postal service, email, or pick-up (Tucson only).

Tapes, video cassettes and CDs can all be delivered either through delivery service, pick-up (Tucson only), or one of our technicians can assist you in transferring your audio to digital for quick upload onto our secure website.

What's the best way to contract Mass Transcription?
Mass Transcription has several options available to those interested in working together. We can work together on a project-by-project basis, wherein it's simply that, a per project basis.

For those of you who are looking to form a relationship with a trusted company to outsource with, we offer an account status whereby your transcription, recording or secretarial typing service rate is adjusted to reflect the invaluable worth of collaborative business relationships. A basic account status is a 10 percent flat discount.

Are you hiring?
Mass Transcription is always looking for skilled transcription professionals (this includes proofreaders) with a proven record of experience. In the instance we're not currently looking for someone, we no doubt will be at some point. We suggest filling out the online form and attaching your resume. We keep them on file for up to 24 months. Please DO NOT call us. We will get back to you in the event we have a position.

I've been quoted a lower rate. Why should I use Mass Transcription?
It seems like there are as many ways that transcription and secretarial typing service companies charge as there are companies. It can be confusing. And to make matters more difficult, many transcription companies have taken on a policy of badmouthing their competition to get the client.

Mass Transcription works in a different way. We extensively researched how and what companies charge to get an idea and basis for our prices. We then priced our services in an attempt to serve two purposes: 1) Our business is successful and our staff is paid fairly, and 2) Our clients pay a fair price for an exceptionally prepared/delivered product.

There are good and bad companies out there. Discovering which is which is largely trial and error. There are more expensive and less expensive transcription, recording and secretarial typing services. That being said, our prices are highly competitive and don't, even a little bit, compromise quality and professionalism. We care about who we are, what we do and who we work with. Our process (see About Us) ensures an exceptional product within standard turnaround time. If, for any reason, we can't meet the deadline or don't think it's an appropriate project for us, we will give you the best referral available to us.  

My information is highly sensitive. How can I be assured this information is kept confidential?
Mass Transcription offers transcription, recording and secretarial typing services for the most sensitive of matters. All of our team members are legally bound by non-disclosure agreements. They are also thoroughly screened and are only given sensitive matters when a trusted relationship has been established. Our staff has collaborative experience with many governmental agencies and federal court systems. Your materials are safe with us. If you would feel more comfortable, or it's simply your policy, we're more than happy to sign your non-disclosures as well.

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